Choy Lee Fut (Private Lessons Only)

Choy Lee Fut is a traditional style of Kung Fu most famously known for its long range swinging attacks, multiple opponent defense, and balanced stances, utilizing the hip to generate power. First designed as a method for Ming rebels to defend against Qing soldiers, the Choy Lee Fut system is still practiced today around the world and remains one of the most popular traditional Chinese martial arts. The Choy Lee Fut style is a complete martial arts system, offering a well balanced combination of punches, kicks, animal strikes, grabs, throws, disarms, joint locks, and weapons skills in both solo and multiple person training. In order to prepare for real world fights, students of Choy Lee Fut will practice Forms (choreographed solo sequences) to develop endurance, Solo Drills to develop muscle memory and Partnered Drills to develop timing and reaction.Choy Lee Fut will help to develop self-discipline and respect, while also helping one to keep fit and gain self-confidence in a fun learning environment