Choy Lee Fut Master, 3rd Degree
Geen Sun Tai Chi Instructor

San Da Instructor
Lethbridge Hung Sing Koon, Owner

Sifu Allan Chiem has studied Choy Lee Fut for over 20 years and received his Instructorship as well as his Third Degree Black Belt in 2010.

Sifu Allan is known for his ability to make difficult-to-understand concepts clear and his unwavering dedication to his students. He tries his best to pass on as much as he can, without holding anything back. 

Besides Choy Lee Fut, Sifu Allan also teaches the Tai Chi, San Da, and Applied Self Defense classes at Lethbridge Hung Sing Koon.



Seven Star Praying Mantis Master, 1st Degree
Lethbridge Hung Sing Koon, Owner

Sifu Damon Daigle has trained in the Seven Star Praying Mantis style since 2000, gaining his black sash in 2006. Sifu Damon is an 8th generation practitioner under the supervision of Master Mike Purnell, and Grandmaster Kung Kwing Fai. He earned his instructors level sash and first level black sash in 2011. 

Gaining experience working in the security industry and in competitions, Sifu Damon is able to give his students real life examples of the practical uses of the techniques he teaches. Sifu Damon upholds the traditional style of instruction he was taught, while maintaining a fun, and friendly learning environment. 

Wholly believing in the philosophy that “a chain is strongest at it’s weakest link“, Sifu Damon encourages his students to learn at their own pace. He ensures that with every kick, punch, and movement, the student’s defence is strong and dependable when needed.